5 rookies could step up and be the LA Rams draft star in 2021?

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A cutpurse

Defensive back Robert Rochell is the third 2021 rookie who truly has a chance to shine. On many occasions in history, it was the events that caused the creation of the necessary leader. For the LA Rams, the secondary has a huge void in the wake of outbound free agent Troy Hill. Rochell will be in a heated competition for that role.

This 6-foot-2 195-pound cornerback is the ideal colleague for the Rams secondary. Jalen Ramsey delivers the physicality and the ability to shut down the opposing offense’s best receiver. Darious Williams is the velcro guy, he is the defender who sticks with the receiver and makes circus-like plays to deflect football.  Rochell is ideal for the remaining role.

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He is large enough to handle large slot receivers, fast enough to handle speedy receivers, and anonymous enough to create nightmares for quarterbacks who test him too early or often in the season. He possesses the right stuff. Now, it’s simply a matter of weaving him into the Rams’ secondary.

There are no mulligans on first impressions. Robert Rochell is another statistical guru. In 35 games, he amassed 77 tackles, 10 interceptions, 35 passes defended, two forced fumbles, and two fumble recoveries. He could do even better in the Rams secondary, as he has a knack for taking the ball away from the offense. In terms of what the Rams needed on defense, Rochell is a rookie who truly checks all of the boxes.