LA Rams: Rookie Jacob Harris has limitless potential in this offense

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Deep depth chart

But it could even be something as simple as the Rams never coming up short of talented players on the depth chart. For all intents and purposes, the tight end depth chart right now likely is constructed with Tyler Higbee, Johnny Mundt, Brycen Hopkins, Kendall Blanton, and rookie Jacob Harris.

That is significant because even if the team opts for their goal line or short yardage 13 package, Harris will still likely be on the bench. Of course, the pecking order of the depth chart can change significantly if he plays well in OTAs and in training camp. So far, he is doing exactly that.

The Rams may start off rookie receivers slowly, but that does not mean that they do not have huge upsides.

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Jacob Harris is one such rookie. As a player who could be used in multiple spots and in multiple roles for this offense, slow and steady is the right cadence to develop the young man.  It’s not that Harris is a slow learner. Rather, Harris has only been heavily involved in football offenses for two years.

That means that he does not have a rich, fertile background of fundamental football knowledge. So the Rams are giving him small bite-sized portions to their offense. That’s a huge positive for the team over the long haul. It will ensure that he will be taking the knowledge, and earning his role, rather than be drowned in too much information to process or be overwhelmed by finding himself overmatched on a football field.