3 reasons why LA Rams WR Cooper Kupp will lead in receiving yards

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Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports /

Crisp routes

Whenever Cooper Kupp is on the field, he delivers. His career completion rate is over 70 percent, but in 2020 he nearly reached the 75 percent mark. Historically, he has averaged over 14 yards per reception, but as the Rams shortened the field to aid a struggling Jared Goff in 2020, that average has fallen to 12.4 yards per reception. Still good, but he can do much better.

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In fact, that is an area to expect improvement for the LA Rams offense in 2021. With the cannon-armed quarterback Matthew Stafford, Cooper Kupp is an obvious benefactor of longer routers. Much like his 2018 season, Kupp can settle in around the 14-16 yards per reception mark that creates a nightmare for defenses that are struggling to force the Rams to punt. How effective are the Rams at lengthening Kupp’s routes? Well, it’s safe to say that it’s already underway:

Kupp can be a matchup nightmare for defenses thanks to the creative options in the Rams offense. Ideally, he is most effective as a slot receiver. Now that the Rams have Robert Woods, DeSean Jackson, and significant praise for second-year wide receiver Van Jefferson, sliding Kupp into the slot should not be difficult. From that spot, he can bang out quick outs, slants or curls, run intermediate outs, digs, or comebacks,  and deep out-and-ups, post, go, or post-corner routes.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Kupp is the almost atomic clock precision he exhibits in his route running. Regardless of the jam or defensive back clogging his route, he invariably skirts past in a flash to be where he needs to be with plenty of separation when the football arrives. That will be very difficult to pass up for a new veteran quarterback like Stafford who will be eager to get into an early groove. And the more Stafford throws to Kupp, the more the receiving yards pile up.