3 reasons why LA Rams WR Cooper Kupp will lead in receiving yards

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Breakout year overdue

Ever since Cooper Kupp arrived at the LA Rams, he has carried this I-can-do-more aura about him. Although he has the ability to pivot on a blade of grass, he needs to have the ball in his vicinity when he makes his break. Meanwhile, although he can break tackles as well if not better than any other NFL receiver, he needs to catch the ball before any of that comes into play.

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Matthew Stafford has been an incredibly successful (statistics-wise) quarterback but has done so out of the talent of his accurate and powerful throwing arm. If you look over his top receivers, they were not particularly gifted in terms of making the catch. While there was an occasional 70+ percent completion to a top receiver, Stafford historically threw to less-gifted players who topped out at a 60 percent completion rate.

Suddenly, Stafford arrives in the LA Rams and finds himself throwing to 71 percent career completion rate Kupp, and 63 percent completion rate Robert Woods, and 67 percent completion rate Tyler Higbee, and you have to wonder if Stafford himself is due for a career-high season simply due to the ability to throw to a receiving group with better historic completion rates?

Cooper Kupp career-high season?

If Stafford can get the ball there, and there is no reason to believe that he cannot, Cooper Kupp will be there to catch it and run with it through the attempts to tackle him by out-of-position defensive backs. And it’s a symbiotic relationship. As Cooper Kupp rockets towards a career-high season, he and other Rams receivers will bring Stafford along for the ride.

if you cheer for the LA Rams and like what their passing game has been so far, you have every reason to be optimistic over the 2021 NFL season. The Rams have a lot of new weapons to add to an arsenal that was already packed with underused weapons over the past two years.  The potential for Cooper Kupp in the 2021 Rams offense is truly stellar, and he is ripe for a career-high year. What will that ultimately look like?

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No sense spoiling the surprise. Stay tuned…