Can LA Rams rookie WR/TE Jacob Harris aspire to be Megatron 2.0?

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Mandatory Credit: JULIAN H. GONZALEZ/Detroit Free PressDl 111812 Gb Jhg26 /
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Aspiration, not duplication

Okay, so here we are. Now, let’s pull out the pins we so carefully placed into key parts of the article earlier. First of all, we need to line up a way to directly compare Calvin Johnson and Jaco Harris in fundamental statistics, right? Okay, so here we go

Player                       Calvin Johnson                    Jacob Harris
Height                      6-foot-5                                6-foot-5
Weight                     237-pounds                         211-pounds
Wingspan                6-foot-10                             6-foot-9.25
40-time                    4.35-seconds                      4.39-seconds
College                     Georgia Tech                        University of Central Florida
Drafted:                   2007 draft 2nd pick           2021 draft 141st pick

See the similarities?  Well, if you toss out the draft position, they are athletically very similar.

Los Angeles Rams
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Los Angeles Rams

In fact, the measurements are so similar that if I am Jacob Harris, I am spending all of my free time watching game films of Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson. In fact, I would even ask my quarterback, Matthew Stafford, to ask his former teammate Calvin Johnson to pay me a visit and give me some one-on-one coaching. Now, THAT would be something pretty special.  And it would be a great way to framework the ins and outs of playing receiver with that unique skillset.

Now, before any comments scolding me for even daring to mention the great Calvin Johnson in the same breath as Jacob Harris, just sit down Francis. I’m pointing out the obvious basic fundamental measurements. And if you noticed the title, this is about aspiration, not duplication. So what does aspire to mean? Aspire (verb): To direct one’s hopes or ambitions towards achieving something.

Even if Harris does not succeed in approaching the NFL mastery of Megatron, falling short of that lofty pinnacle still ends up in a pretty lofty place. Calvin Johson’s first three NFL seasons were not overly impressive. While he managed to put up over 3000 yards and 21 touchdowns, his completion rate hovered at the 50 percent mark. Calvin Johnson was a volume catcher early in his NFL career. He was targeted 380 times over that time span and came down with 193 completions. If Johnson can create a HOF career from that, Jacob Harris can dare to dream.