Can LA Rams rookie WR/TE Jacob Harris aspire to be Megatron 2.0?

Mandatory Credit: JULIAN H. GONZALEZ/Detroit Free PressDl 111812 Gb Jhg26
Mandatory Credit: JULIAN H. GONZALEZ/Detroit Free PressDl 111812 Gb Jhg26 /
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Aspire to be Megatron 2.0

It’s a goal-setting exercise, folks. I mean, who are you trying to kid? If you are 6-foot-5 and can run a sub-4.4 40-yard-dash, you are damned right you are going to make every effort to emulate your game like that of the great HOF receiver Calvin Johnson. Don’t be silly.

Admittedly, Harris is a fairly raw but fast-learning prospect who needs to develop a host of fundamental football skills to even hope to see the football field for the LA Rams. You know “No block, no rock” football? And the LA Rams have a horrendous track record of letting rookies see the football field in any circumstances.

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But does that apply if a rookie is a sure-fire touchdown machine in the red zone? Do those rules still apply if this 6-foot-5 bolt of lightning can outhustle the Rams defensive backs, and then continue that mastery over the course of preseason games? This young man is surrounded by some of the best veteran teachers in the NFL. If he is working to develop into one of the best NFL receivers in the league, it’s all there for the taking.

Doubting Thomas

Need more proof?

Yep, keep an eye on Jacob Harris.

Some reports are citing Jacob Harris as already working with the first-string offense. While that may be happening in shorts and sneakers, don’t bank on that when the pads go on. The LA Rams have some luxury to experiment with now, and they are taking every advantage of making up for the two-year hiatus on working out various players in different offensive scenarios.

Initially, I could expect that Jacob Harris will be a key contributor on special teams, and an occasional red zone sub-package to test defensive strategy against an all-out passing attack within the 20-yard line. Jacob Harris doesn’t need to know the playbook front to back to score on a jump ball in the endzone.

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Do the LA Rams have Megatron 2.0 on the roster yet? Of course not. But they have somebody who stands as tall as Megatron and runs nearly as quickly as Megatron. Someday, Jacob Harris could be Megatron 2.0. He’s not anywhere close to that yet. But just keep an eye on him. He can be somebody special on this LA Rams offense.