LA Rams: 5 players who could crack next year’s CBS Top 100

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Paying it forward

The NFL is filled with outstanding outside linebackers, but LA Rams veteran outside linebacker Leonard Floyd believes that there is room enough for one more. After all, he hitched his wagon to play alongside one of the most dominant players in the NFL in Aaron Donald, and that launched his production from the middle of the road to the upper echelons of the NFL.

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In just his first season with the LA Rams, Floyd tacked on 10.5 quarterback sacks, good enough for ninth-best among the entire NFL. Among the Top-10 leaders in quarterback sacks, Floyd also came in with the second-most tackles with 57 tackles. If there were ways to measure everything that Leonard Floyd did for the Rams in his first season, there is no doubt that he would have been among the NFL’s best in all categories.

That’s why the team re-signed him to a multi-year contract. While he can rush the quarterback, he does so much more that is not easily recorded and reported among NFL statistics. That makes it a bit tougher for a player of his spanse of expertise to land among the best in any NFL ranking. And yet, he continues to deliver. This year, he will be further tasked with the mentoring and development of young teammates.

Leonard Floyd has been in the NFL for five seasons, and he will be entering his sixth this year. Over that time, he’s performed his role on defense and watched other players earn the accolades. Now, on the Rams defense, he has the chance to claim a bit of the spotlight. But he understands defenses and will do his part to help his teammates blossom as well. But his own body of work will no doubt improve.  In fact, he will likely be called upon to help lead the Rams defense in 2021. Surely the Top 100 will find a place for Floyd this year, right?