LA Rams: 5 players who could crack next year’s CBS Top 100

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Summing it all up

There is a lot to work out this summer on the Rams roster, between starters, camp bodies, and the rotational players who fill in the gap between the two groups. The Rams 2020 team fielded the best defense in the NFL but failed to match that quality with either the offense or special teams.

This year the offense should play much more effectively. The Rams have a solid group of skill players and have added even more talent to the bunch.  Will it be enough to win Super Bowl LVI? If the team stays healthy and plays to its potential, it certainly could be.

The addition of Matthew Stafford has forced many to reevaluate the undervalued Rams roster. Now both Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp are finally getting some positive press. While they may not be getting the headlines like some East Coast players, they are positioned to have huge seasons.

And of course, another Top-5 performance by the Rams defense should help to train the national spotlight upon defensive back Jordan Fuller and outside linebacker Leonard Floyd.

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Last but not least, the Rams rushing game is now in the capable hands of Cam Akers. He has earned this opportunity by first earning the trust and confidence of the coaching staff. With a pass-centric offense, running the ball should not be without its rewards.