LA Rams OL Max Pircher is not just here to check out the sights

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Teach me the ways of the force

Of course, size aside, Pircher is a bit raw as he hasn’t had the robust background that so many do upon arriving in the NFL. Yes, he is a bit inexperienced, but he is eager to learn. In fact, he has been lighting up the OTA reports over his willingness to seek out Rams veterans to learn the dos and don’ts for a successful career.  That education is still whiteboard and lectures so far. After all, in OTAs is shorts and tee shirts. There is no contact yet.

But don’t let that fool you. He wants to learn from one of the best, veteran Andrew Whitworth. And Whitworth is more than happy to teach him. The seeds are being planted today. so how long before the Rams will see definitive results?

There’s no need to rush this. Think of this process as osmosis. A learning curve with a steep start, which will ultimately level out.  Right now, the Rams have a golden and unique opportunity to lay a solid football foundation for Pircher.  While it takes a village to raise a child, it takes an NFL team to teach an NFL player.

So are these just sunken costs? Of course not. Much like signing up an undrafted free agent after an NFL Draft, the LA Rams have a chance to develop Pircher into an outstanding NFL offensive lineman.  And it’s an outstanding long-term project for new offensive line coach Kevin Carberry.