LA Rams: ILB Troy Reeder may springboard 2020 into 2021 starter

Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports /
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The LA Rams inside linebacker depth chart for the 2020 NFL season was constructed thusly: Starting inside linebackers Micah Kiser and Travin Howard, backup Kenny Young, and finally reserve Troy ReederThe LA Rams had additional inside linebackers Derrick Moncrief and Christian Rozeboom stashed on the practice squad in case of emergency. Of course, that was how the team planned the depth chart to remain. Funny that.

Of course, the team’s plan didn’t exactly withstand the test of time. Before the season started, Howard suffered a season-ending injury. In response, the Rams promoted Kenny Young to line up next to Micah Kiser. The only inside linebacker on the bench? Troy Reeder. Now, before you begin to wonder why the lone backup from the 2020 season is the chosen topic, let me elaborate.

Troy Reeder was forced onto the field as the team’s starter in 2019 after the LA Rams lost intended starting inside linebacker Micah Kiser for the season. ILB Bryce Hager, the next man up, was injured early in the season. That meant that 2019 undrafted free agent rookie Troy Reeder would see action in his first NFL season. While that didn’t end well, it gave Reeder some valuable NFL experience to grow from, to train against, and to develop around.

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In 2020, Micah Kiser was the primary starter, while Kenny Young was the other ILB who rotated out for sub-packages.  Kiser played virtually 100 percent of the defensive snaps when he started. Unfortunately, that amount of play was very taxing, and he suffered two separate injuries during the season. That brought the LA Rams final inside linebacker off the bench and onto the football field. Troy Reeder’s 2020 season had begun.