LA Rams: 3 reasons why DB Taylor Rapp earns starting role in 2021

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Reason III

LA Rams defensive back Taylor Rapp has had the most continuity working with the other defensive backs. He was a ten-game starter for the Rams in 2019, and a five-game starter in 2020. While that is not the most consistent trend for an NFL player trying to justify starting for the top-ranked defense, he is the best option that the Rams currently have for 2021.

There are certain relationships in the NFL that are just as important to the performance as the individual talent of players among the group. Offensive linemen are tops on that list. A close second is a defensive secondary. Among the four-six defensive backs, one bad read or one miscommunication can negate the outstanding play of everyone else on the field.  In fact, it was the 2019 season where Taylor Rapp learned that lesson the hard way and blew the coverage in 2019.

That play scorched the Rams, shut down their hopes to win a highly competitive game, and launched the 49ers into the 2019 NFL Playoffs. It was a harsh ending to an otherwise brilliant season for the young man.

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Learning is about failure and rising once more. Rapp’s rookie season was an incredible showcase for what he could do. Unfortunately, his blown coverage against the 49ers played out and the image carried over in everyone’s mind. He didn’t help to rectify that with a standout season in 2020. But his potential to perform is still there. He has worked out the bugs with his teammates and understands how critical his play is to the overall success of the team.