Matthew Stafford: HOFer Isaac Bruce loves his fit on LA Rams

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The La Rams have gotten one helluva positive momentum going right now. If you want to remain on the sidelines and keep the jury out until the Rams actually play football, I’m very good with that. In fact, even as I purvey the positive sentiment that is bursting at the seams over the Rams, I am right there as well. I don’t think that Stafford, even with a full off-season, can deliver laser-guided missiles to receivers streaking down the field in September. If it happens, fantastic. But I’m not expecting it.

But I will share that there are some areas of positive comfort right now. It seems that while Matthew Stafford is still in the learning curve of the LA Rams training camp in regards to the playbook, he is still projecting an Alpha-Dog mindset where nobody is questioning who is running the show. That’s a huge step in the right direction.

But even before the passes fill the air over SoFi Stadium, Stafford is already impressing the very discerning head coach Sean McVay with his ability to see the entire field, instantly process what he sees, and make the right decisions in a fraction of a second. In the Rams offense, there may be more to process for Stafford, but this veteran quarterback can read defensive keys instantly.

Something is definitely different with this LA Rams offense

That type of ability doesn’t need to be displayed on the football field at full speed.  It’s on display when analyzing videos, when engaging in one on one passing drills, and even in his conversations.

HOFer wide receiver Isaac Bruce was given the chance to weigh in on the fit of Matthew Stafford in the LA Rams offense, and he did not harbor any reservations. and talked immediately about instantly being very excited about it.

Los Angeles Rams
Los Angeles Rams /

Los Angeles Rams

He thinks that McVay’s coaching ability to unlock Stafford’s offensive potential with the best offensive mind that Stafford has played for in his career.  He touched on the fact that the Rams offense seemed to be a bit handcuffed in recent years due to the ceiling of former quarterback Jared Goff.  Bruce does not envision any similar limitations with the pairing of Matthew Stafford’s ability to drive a high-performance offense to the 1000 horsepower high-octane playbook that head coach Sean McVay packs under the hood each year.

Remain on the sidelines and within your comfort zone. The LA Rams haven’t shown up just yet, and may not show the full range of offensive explosiveness early in the season. But I will admit, I’m leaning more and more towards hopeful optimism.  It’s tough to shake off the opinions of experts who I have come to respect. Isaac Bruce is one such player.

Of course, even retired players have an unspoken obligation to promote the NFL, and their team whenever possible.  So if you need a reason to remain skeptical, there you go.

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For me? Isaac Bruce sounds authentic. This wasn’t a scripted positive message from a publicist or the Rams press office. It was a moment of true optimism from a player whose life experience gives him the credentials to form such an opinion. Here’s hoping Bruce is right.