LA Rams: NFL analyst believes Stafford to Kupp NFL’s Top 10

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One of the most important unknowns so far in the LA Rams offense is determining who will the true go-to guy in the early games for newly arrived veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford. While it’s not a democratic process, anticipating who will emerge as the favorite receiver of the strong-armed hurler is just one of many areas up for debate.

Of course, NFL senior analyst Gil Brandt has used the success of Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs’ instant chemistry with quarterback Josh Allen as motivation for his latest 2021 soothsaying. In short, he has attempted to project the Top-10 quarterback-wide receiver connections in the 2021 season, he has named Matthew Stafford – Cooper Kupp as the 10th most productive combination in the NFL.

And they have yet to connect in the regular season. But there is no hesitation about expecting Kupp to flourish while receiving Stafford’s slingings. After all, when healthy, Kupp has been a true savant in the offense. He not only moves the chains, but he creates solid separation, earns plenty of yards after the catch, and can score almost at will when he gets in his zone.

Cooper Kupp has been one of the better-kept secrets on the LA Rams offense. Even though he has been injured in both of the LA Rams‘ latest NFL Playoff appearances, he has been one of the main reasons why the LA Rams have gotten there in the first place.

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We have witnessed the offense shortening the field to bolster the accuracy and reduce the pocket timing of the former quarterback. In 2021, that trend should reverse dramatically. In theory, restoring Kupp’s 14.2 YPR (yards-per-reception average) will bolster his production to over 1,300 yards receiving this year.  That is a clear 200 yards performance better and will embark Kupp on an entirely new career-high plateau. Now, the only question is, can Stafford get him the ball?

The evidence and testimony of coaches and NFL analysts that are weighing in are predominantly coming in with an emphatic – YES.

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Los Angeles Rams

Success breeds success. As soon as Stafford finds Kupp on a third and long play to move the chains for the first occasion, he will start looking for Kupp more and more often.  Initial reports out of training camp have revealed that the Rams duo are engaged in more than catching the football.  They are working together to pose scenarios and reactions. Much of the foundation work, as Stafford himself has admitted, is work above the neck.

At the 4:25 mark in the video above, Stu Jackson comments about his initial impression of Cooper Kupp, and I’ve never seen him anywhere close to this complimentary before. As we had highlighted the opportunity to win for Matthew Stafford will raise his level of play.  OTAs for Kupp has been incredibly impressive so far. It’s always a bit impressive to witness a seasoned come out for a new season and still raise eyebrows. Kupp feels as though he has a bit of extra ‘juice’ this year. Is it enthusiasm? Or is he truly at an entirely new level of play?

The LA Rams feel as though they have the offensive firepower to hang with any team in the NFL. But by the end of the past two seasons, it’s been quite a letdown to discover that the team can move the ball effectively, but fails to convert that offensive prowess into points.

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That may be at a turning point this season. More and more NFL experts are predicting good things for the LA Rams offense. Stafford to Kupp is just one key to putting up a lot of points this year.