LA Rams: Camp Showdown IV – Terrell Lewis vs. Ogbonnia Okoronkwo

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Unrealized potential for Lewis must be realized

The fact is that if he could stay on the field, I don’t think this discussion would ever take place. You see, I love his potential. The trouble is that he has as much fun with his knees as running back Todd Gurley had with his. If he can prove his durability, that will increase his availability and then his natural ability will take over.

Sounds simple, right?

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Well, Lewis is a huge defender off the edge, and those long arms give him tremendous reach to frustrate quarterbacks and receivers in his vicinity all year long. Much like Obo, Lewis is not exactly getting lots of work on the field. He only played 124 defensive snaps in his rookie season. Of course, that was spread over just eight games.

If and when he takes the field, he can author an entire litanny of offensive difficulties. He is powerful enough to set the edge. He is quick enough to get to the quarterback very quickly. He has long enough arms to interfere with passing lanes and deflect the football in the air. He can handle NFL blockers. And he can wrap and tackle the ball carrier.

He has already turned 53  defensive snaps against the Seattle Seahawks into four tackles, two quarterback sacks, and one tackle for a loss. While that’s hardly cause to pop the cork on the champagne, it’s enough evidence to flash the potential of this guy if he can show up long enough to string together some football games.

Much like Obo, Lewis needn’t be the ironman of endurance that the Rams have in teammate Leonard Floyd. Rather, he simply needs to start strong, set the defensive tempo, and then trust his teammates who rotate in to sustain the pressure in his place. After all, if he can turn 124 defensive snaps into two quarterback sacks, then a modest workout of 600 defensive snaps projects into eight quarterback sacks, and that’s a huge number from a player who is contributing in a rotational role.

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One of these two veterans will win the competition in training camp, and will get first crack at what could prove to be a career-setting season. Who will it be? It could come down to which of the two outside linebackers can answer the bell longest.