LA Rams: Sebastian Joseph Day, a.k.a “Bash”, PA pride in the NFL

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The LA Rams play on the West Coast. Yet some of the team’s most important contributors hail from the East Coast. All-Pro Aaron Donald was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The guy who lines up next to him, Sebastian Joseph Day, was born in Pennsylvania as well.

There are differences between the two coasts of the USA. The West Coast is a bit laid back, casual, less uptight, and lives that somehow interweave fresh air, the surf, sand, and ocean, and the glorious sunshine. But the East Coast has its own set of benefits as well. For one thing, family is family and goes beyond genetics and bloodlines. It binds people in a way that is hard to describe but is easy to recognize. Sebastian Joseph Day is the native son of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, or PA as those who are born there refer to the commonwealth.

Bash, as he is affectionately known by his high school coaches, is a product of that love and support. His high school defensive line coach John Fenner, and his high school head coach Joe Benard, played a very important role in the young man’s life.  Perhaps more important than many might expect.

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That’s a lot to digest when you are just a little guy. Okay, in the case of Sebastian Joseph Day, not so little, but a bit young and in need of a guiding hand.  He got that guidance from Coach Fenner and Coach Bernard, but he got a bit more. He was welcomed, listened to, mentored, and encouraged. He became their family, and they in turn became his. It still holds true, it takes a village to raise a child.  Just look at the leader Sebastian Joseph Day has become.