LA Rams Camp Showdown VI: David Long Jr vs. Robert Rochell

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(Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images) /

The LA Rams secondary is to young defensive backs much like the Rams defensive line of scrimmage is to young defensive linemen. In both situations, being selected to join that rotation affords young men the opportunity to play alongside their football hero. No doubt you’ve already read the reports of young defenders who are thrilled to wear the horns to have a chance to learn from All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald.

That also happens to young cornerbacks or safeties who have the chance to play alongside All-Pro defensive back Jalen Ramsey. It involves many things to get the nod to do so. Obviously, it is assurance that all of the effort and hard work to that point in time is instantly validated and justified. Suiting up to play with your hero is pretty overwhelming stuff, after all.

But it raises the bar even higher too.  The already present obligation to play error-free football automatically goes up a notch when there is the risk of letting down your lifelong role model.  I don’t know anyone who enjoys disappointing someone else, so that sort of pressure to perform well would be about as high as the meter would register.

Still, that will not, can not dissuade young men whose dream has been to become an NFL player. You don’t stop competing when you get to the Olympics just because you may not win a gold medal. Competition is itself the reward, the opportunity to test oneself, to push oneself to the uppermost limits.

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Adjusting to the NFL is quite the challenge for a new rookie. Everything changes simultaneously as the young player must may very positive first impressions. Robert Rochell, as gifted and talented as he is, is facing changes 24 by 7 now. His teammate, David Long Jr has already transitioned to the NFL in 2019. So he has prepared for two years for this competition. But don’t discount Robert Rochell just yet. Let’s see what each player can offer the Rams defense.