LA Rams: 3 ways WR Ben Skowronek contributes to offense instantly

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Big bodied blocker

It’s not uncommon for a wide receiver to shy away from physical contact. But you really won’t find those types of receivers on the LA Rams roster. It’s simple. On this LA Rams offense, if you don’t block, you won’t see the football.  Of course, standing 6-foot-3 and tipping the scales at 220-pounds does tend to give a different type of perspective.  For starters, Ben Skowronek doesn’t shy away from contact. In fact, he seeks it out. You see, he loves to hit people.

Hitting people is not the first thing that comes to mind for a receiver, is it? Somehow though, I like it.

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The LA Rams love to see a receiver put the pads on a defensive back or linebacker, and Skowronek has the mindset wired to do exactly that. So will that create more opportunities for Skowronek in this offense? You bet. Until now, tight end Johnny Mundt has enjoyed a bit of a monopoly on the blocking tight end role in the Rams offense. Now, he faces competition.

Imagine the upside if Skowronek is as sure-handed of a receiver as advertised? I mean, that size player certainly has enough pop in his blocks to move some people off the ball. If he can both catch and block, he becomes a very valuable weapon in the Rams offense. And valuable weapons find a way onto the football field.

His blocking adds a new dimension to a wide receiver screen. He can become an effective lead blocker for a jet sweep to his side. He can even mix things up a bit by playing either fullback, power-back, or H-back roles in the Rams offense. On an offense that is seeking ways to score more points, there most certainly will be a place for a blocker who can come down with the ball.