LA Rams: HC Sean McVay happy? “You’re damned right I am”

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Ch ch ch changes, turn and face the strange

Special teams coordinator John  Bonamego didn’t have much positive impact, and he has since been reassigned to Senior Coaching Assistant. In his wake, the LA Rams hired former Jacksonville Jaguars Special Teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis. New face? Yes. But he arrived with a singular mission to help the team’s special teams perform among the top units of the NFL.

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Offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell didn’t turn the corner with young quarterback Jared Goff as planned, but his second opinion must have confirmed the diagnosis of McVay – namely that the Rams offense needed to move on from Jared Goff. Defensive coordinator Brandon Staley rocketed the defense to best in the NFL. So his tenure with the Rams was short-lived. He’s now the head coach of the LA Chargers.

Lots of changes, but still not enough. After all, McVay inherited his franchise quarterback from Coach Jeff Fisher. While that may not seem like much, head coaches who take over a new team want their guy under center calling the plays and making the throws. For his first four years, McVay tried to reiterate the offense to optimize Goff’s production. Yet, with each revision, Goff seemed to recede further and further into a shell.

Was Goff the reason McVay wanted to remain so closely tied to the offensive playbook and the play-calling? Was Goff a bit of a distraction who needed the oversight of the head coach to remain focused? Or was Goff himself stunted in his own NFL growth by his helicopter-head coach McVay? The answer was locked in the deteriorating dynamics of a head coach and a quarterback.