LA Rams: HC Sean McVay happy? “You’re damned right I am”

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Watching Scotty grow

The answers may have remained on par with the chicken vs. the egg debate, but for the fact that the LA Rams moved on from Goff this year. Not just moved on but traded him plus one third-round and two first-round picks to obtain veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford. The result is very clear. Head coach Sean McVay staked his reputation to lobby LA Rams team owner Stan Kroenke to authorize adding a second first-round pick to the pot in the trade package.

There is no more doubt or debate now. The 2021 LA Rams are no longer tied to the past. This is the present now, the real deal Sean McVay stamp-of-approval roster. Does that mean that this is a perfect iteration? Hardly. But it does mean that the LA Rams head coach has finally hand-picked all of the cogs to the machine.

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McVay didn’t jump at the first chance to switch quarterbacks, at least not in those terms. He gathers plenty of data, processes it all quickly, and makes a decision based upon the best option from all available data. That option was getting veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford into his offense.  A high-performing chassis powered by McVay’s high-octane playbook. In many ways, this is a custom-fit for both.

There was a song written by Mac Davis in 1968 and recorded by Bobby Goldsboro in 1970 entitled Watching Scotty grow. It is a meaningful song about being a father of a young son, and the beaming pride that overwhelms the dad even as his son slips with the lessons of his young life. That is pretty close to the mood of head coach McVay this season. He finally has placed his thumbprint on the entire roster.