LA Rams: Calculating the clash of current roster changes

Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports /
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Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams once more are trying to sort out and sort through a rather large number of roster changes. Even in those cases where last year’s players are returning, their roles have transitioned in either position, rotational role, or both. Sure, it’s that way for many NFL teams during OTAs and training camp. But the Rams feel as though they have more than their fair share of changes occurring this season. After all, this is the youngest team in the NFL right now.  There are a lot of introductions to be made.

What do I mean? Well, one simple example is the LA Rams rushing attack. in 2020, the LA Rams began the season with veteran running back Malcolm Brown leading the way. This year, the team will go all-in with featured running back Cam Akers. Even though the roster appeared to be quite saturated at the running back position, the team selected Maryland rusher, Jake Funk.  Will that prove to be better or worse for the team?

That is just one of the key cogs that have transformed within this team practically overnight. Team dynamics are impacted more by the groupings of positions, rather than by individual players. It would be a mistake to judge the performance of one offensive lineman while turning a blind eye to the offensive line as a whole.   Can you truly know just how well a wide receiver plays without knowing who was throwing the football?

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Ultimately, the LA Rams outcome will depend upon how well the units perform, not the individuals.  It really won’t help the team if Robert Woods goes off and has himself a 1500 yard 10 touchdown season if no other receiver breaks 400 yards.  So as we stroll through the many personnel changes, deliberate or otherwise, there will always that trap door that awaits which is the 2021 NFL season. The pads haven’t gone one. Players haven’t hit one another yet. Everyone has played nice so far in shorts. It’s all been dress rehearsal.