5 LA Rams UDFAs who can make Rams roster in 2021

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Undrafted free agents are labeled frequently by fans as camp bodies because, for the most part, they are added to an NFL team’s 90-man roster to round out the drills and training camp to ensure that eventual starters are not overworked by cycling through drills too frequently. These prospects, although on an NFL roster, are still playing against the odds at every practice, each play,

Even as undrafted players are easy on the wallet, the very fact that they are undrafted makes them replaceable on an NFL roster until they earn a starting role and prove their ability against other NFL teams.  And because they begin their NFL careers at the bottom of depth charts, it’s not an easy task whatsoever. Even though LA Rams running back Xavier Jones earned a 2020 roster spot, and never had an opportunity to play, he is once more challenged on the depth chart by a rookie running back. Until he proves he belongs, the NFL forces will try to prove that he does not.

So it goes. Even though the Rams have been an excellent destination for undrafted players to earn that opportunity, oftentimes that opportunity comes after the player has been released once.  We know that Darious Williams was signed by the Baltimore Ravens and released before he landed on the Rams roster.

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Even on teams with the best odds, the odds are not good. That’s significant because, due to the very fact of arriving at an active role on their team, these players have had to win competitions with practically every other player on the roster. That’s a tough mountain to climb, particularly one where the player needs to hit the mark at each preseason game, at each practice, and at each drill.