LA Rams: Why CB Brontae Harris paying it forward matters so much

Mandatory Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports /

The ability to see into a person’s soul has frustrated everything scientist, mathematician, and philosopher for ages. The reason is that the persona of a person, their ID, is ever-changing. Each day adds new experiences. Each new experience adds a new perspective.  Some wonder why there is adversity in this life. Others believe that adversity is the forge for human kindness, courage, and love. Okay, what does this have to do with the LA Rams, and more importantly, undrafted cornerback Brontae Harris?

At the heart of the challenge, the clarity of who a person truly is can be seen in momentary flashes. Do they make everything about them? Or do they reach beyond, and try to elevate others?  In that test that we all face, few reach beyond their own self-interests to concern themselves with others.

But lo and behold LA Rams rookie defensive back Brontae Harris is one such person who has embraced a pay-it-forward mindset. He hasn’t made the LA Rams 53-man roster. In fact, he has a critical training camp to showcase his talents for the coaches and among his new teammates, and yet he is working to give back to his community. Yes, people still are made like that.  Thankfully, the LA Rams seem to have more than their fair share.

The good news is that his style of player resembles that of Rams DB Darious Williams, and the two are already working together to ramp up Harris’ play. More good news is that there is already some positive buzz forming about him from OTAs.

Yes, this is a football website, and right now there is a great deal of curiosity over the Rams’ new players, new coaches, and chances for a new season. But lest we forget the other aspect of the business. These are young men making their way through life and through a very challenging and competitive business. So it just seems very natural to applaud an act of generosity from a football player.

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I don’t know if anyone reads about the LA Rams in Alabama, but I hope that some do. I hope that Brontae Harris has a great turnout. He’s starting off his NFL career the right way. And that is a very good way to start a long and productive career.