Will the 2021 LA Rams offense resemble one of the NFL’s greats?

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Three WRs, one RB, one incredible throwing arm? Check

Well, look no further than the 1999 Saint Louis Rams and the Greatest Show On Turf. That offense consisted of the great Kurt Warner, featured running back Marshall Faulk. The receiver corps was led by the tandem of HOFers Isaac Bruce and Tory Holt. They were joined by Az-Zahir Hakim in the passing game. You can check them out on this video link right here.  They were icebreakers, trend-setters for an NFL offense that changed the game.

Do the LA Rams even compare to the Greatest Show on Turf now? Well, we’ll turn to the legendary Isaac Bruce to answer that one.

How did the Rams perform so incredibly well? That offense had three distinct attributes: an incredibly effective offensive line, blazing speed all over the place, and a marksman at quarterback who could throw that football a very long way. Truth be told, one of the memories that still sticks in my mind is how incredibly fast that offense was. Fast, and explosively effective.