LA Rams: 8 players who could be gone after the 2021 NFL season

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Backup quarterback

While the LA Rams will most certainly need a backup quarterback in 2022 and beyond, I’m not convinced that role is a shoo-in for John Wolford. After all, Wolford may be on the verge of becoming pot-bound, as so many quarterbacks do once they’ve tasted the opportunity to start. And not just start preseason games, but a game with it all on the line. He started the season finale which resulted in the LA Rams win over the Arizona Cardinals by a score of 18-7.

A win that propelled the LA Rams into the unlikely role of spoiler for their NFC West rival Seattle Seahawks, also elevated the man responsible for that victory from anonymity to potential NFL starter. Now, he will have an entire season to drum up further interest from 31 other NFL teams.

LA Rams backup quarterback John Wolford is scheduled to test the NFL Free Agency market in 2022, and if he has a productive training camp and flashes NFL competency in preseason games (he will), then his agent will most certainly get phone calls about signing on with a new NFL team in 2022.

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As Matthew Stafford continues to ramp up his comprehension and ability to execute the Rams offensive playbook, Wolford has assumed the lead role in getting receivers ready for the 2021 NFL season by being the guy who delivers the football in seven on seven drills. That creates a repoire between the quarterback and the receiver, and most certainly will show up throughout the preseason and if and when he takes the football field in relief of Matthew Stafford (let’s hope is due to the mercy of not running up a score, versus subbing in for a hobbled starter).

Which each opportunity, the bidding could escalate. Backing up the starting QB is an area that the Rams have truly shown a commitment to cut costs, and there is no evidence that will not be the case next year. The Rams have undrafted mobile quarterback Bryce Perkins waiting in the wings and could draft another backup next year. If John Wolford wants a larger role, he will need to consider a new zip code.