LA Rams: 8 players who could be gone after the 2021 NFL season

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Defensive back

The trouble with having such a smothering defensive back starting on the defense like the LA Rams All-Pro Jalen Ramsey is what to do with the other guy on the field. After all, quarterbacks can throw the ball wherever and whenever they want, so if they opt not to throw it in the direction of Ramsey, they default to throwing it to the other guy on the LA Rams secondary, who just happens to be defensive back Darious Williams. So that creates a Catch-22 for the Rams front office.

If Williams is up to the challenge, then he outshines the majority of NFL defensive backs and his price tag will go up astronomically. If he doesn’t play brilliantly in the Rams defense, then the Rams themselves will question the logic in bringing him back.

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Darious Williams is very good and will no doubt outplay his one-year RFA-Tendered contract this year. As such, he will look to sign onto a true market value contract in 2022. Can the Rams afford to pay that market value? Doubtful. After all, a premier cornerback in today’s NFL is one of the most sought-after, and therefore most expensive, positions to sign to a multi-year contract.

Even such players who are limited to slot roles do very well in free agency. Williams could be one of the most sought-after NFL Free Agents in 2022.  Right now, he is mentoring undrafted rookie Brontae Harris. That could prove to be significantly important for the Rams secondary in 2022, as Williams will be tempted to sign for the highest bidder. That means that the team will need to have his replacement already planned for.