LA Rams: 3 reasons why the offensive line will be very good

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Bigger bodied front

While it is clearly a chicken or the egg debate, somewhere in the process the conversation had to circle around to the new offensive line coach, Kevin Carberry. Even if the LA Rams were ready and decided to pull the trigger, or not do a damned thing as it turned out, to bolster the offensive line, someone or the entire group surely agreed to await Carberry’s arrival and include his input.

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While we cannot tell you how quickly he was asked to recommend an action plan to improve the offensive line for 2021, we can assemble the response based upon what the organization did in the offseason: “Let me have a chance to work with the group before any changes or significant investment into that group”. For the personnel office already short of draft picks and available salary-cap space, that type of response must have seemed heavenly.  But it never would have made it past the head coach’s desk if Sean McVay had seen it differently.

He didn’t.

McVay wants to emphasize the passing game with the new season’s version of the offense, and to do so well means that the offensive line will need to be very good at pass blocking. Now, to do so, the Rams had already decided that 6-foot-6 308-pound David Edwards would line up at left guard, so it made logical sense for the team to line up the 6-foot-4 312-pound class of 2019 teammate Bobby Evans at the right guard position this year.  Evans had a full inch and 14 pounds on Blythe and immediately infused more beef at the critical interior.

The Rams didn’t have much of a choice in 2020 over tweaking the offensive line configuration. That was apparent when the Rams rolled out the 2019 starters with one exception, Brian Allen, who was still undergoing rehabilitation for a 2019 injury. When left guard Joseph Noteboom injured his calf, David Edwards took over at guard and remained there for the rest of the season. 2021 starts with a full complement of offseason training and preseason games, so the coaches will have the ability to work with players far more extensively.