LA Rams: 5 games that mean more to Rams than a win or loss

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The LA Rams 2021 NFL schedule has been out for some time, but analyzing a schedule without the understanding of who would be playing for each team would be a bit premature. So now that we have a 90-man roster for the LA Rams, we can begin to navigate the upcoming 2021 season. Even as we line up to examine each week-by-week encounter, there are some games that will come to mean more to the Rams than just a win or loss.

Before we get pummeled in the comments section, the LA Rams will play 17 games that are all equally important to their season record, and will all play a part in determining whether the Rams will earn a berth in the NFL Playoffs this year. For that matter, all NFC West division games have significant importance due to the fact that a win for the LA Rams automatically means a loss for a division rival. If the Rams win all six NFC West Divisional games, they will have a tremendous advantage to winning the NFC West and a playoff spot.

But the strategy of when and against who those wins occur has subtle impacts on the team’s mindset, their momentum, the perception of how good this team truly is, and even the potential of how good this team can be. So it stands to reason that while all games have a bearing on the Rams’ final standing in terms of an NFL Playoff berth, some teams will have a greater weight than others.

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But there are tendencies that will occur over the course of a season. Tendencies that will be observed and discussed, can be analyzed and exploited. To win a Super Bowl, the LA Rams will need to stitch together a winning streak of at least three-four NFL games. For last season’s Super Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they ran an eight-game winning streak to the winner’s circle.  Can this year’s Rams duplicate such a feat?  Well, here are five games that are crucial to the Rams’ chances of doing exactly that.