LA Rams: 5 games that mean more to Rams than a win or loss

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Rematch with the Green Bay Packers

Any trip to Lambeau Field is no vacation for the visiting NFL team, and by the time that the LA Rams board a plane, the snow could be falling in Green Bay Wisconsin. This one is played on November 28, 2021. By all accounts, the frost will be firmly entrenched in the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. Frost turns the turf into concrete. Lambeau is the equivalent of the Seattle Seahawks’ 12th man, an advantage to the Packers late in the season.

The LA Rams will face the Packers with their new secret weapon, veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford.  While he has not gotten the best of the Packers often, he has accomplished a win in seven of 20 previous contests.

Stafford may not guarantee a Rams win, but he certainly does improve the team’s chances in several ways. First of all, Stafford won’t be intimidated by facing the Green Bay Packers in the least. He is familiar with the Packers, perhaps as much as Aaron Rodgers. As history has it, Stafford has put up some huge games against the Packers in the past

So forget the verbiage, the analysis, the Xs-and-Os on the whiteboard. In this game, the LA Rams improved offense will be absolutely put to the test. Any game that features the showdown of Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford must be approached like a shootout, and that means both offenses must have their A-game ready to play.

There’s no way around the comparisons. With each play in this game, Stafford will attract comparison between Lions Stafford versus Rams Stafford. So any sort of defensive clash will certainly ignite the ‘What’s wrong with Stafford?’ and ‘Why can’t McVay deliver with Stafford’ articles that are already prewritten with blanks where the opponent and the final score will be added.  With no charges, the LA Rams offense will be on trial in this one. That means that the team must exceed expectations.