LA Rams: Backup QB Bryce Perkins will shine in preseason games

Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports /

But will it be enough to win a spot on the roster? Well, the LA Rams signed the 6-foot-3 215-pound quarterback Bryce Perkins in the belief that he could do exactly that. For starters, the LA Rams clearly are currently attracted to speed, athleticism, versatility, and durability, so why wouldn’t they seek those traits in the quarterback position as well?

While there is no chance of bumping veteran starting quarterback Matthew Stafford, let’s talk the other three quarterbacks in the room. The Rams have three quarterbacks competing for a backup role. Ironically, the team has a tall-standing pocket passer as the no-questions-asked starter. But behind him? The team has stacked the backup role with three mobile quarterbacks.

John Wolford, the presumed backup quarterback is 6-foot-1 and 200-pounds. While he started and won his first NFL game, it was the defense that truly was the star of that contest. While Wolford is considered fast enough to be a dual-threat quarterback, his 4.77 second 40-yard dash time is most effective combined with the element of surprise, and will not outrun speedy linebackers or defensive backs.

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Devlin Hodges stands 6-foot-1 and weighs 210 pounds.  He was the lone addition to the Rams roster at quarterback, possessing the most NFL experience of the bunch. He appeared in eight games, started six, and finished with a 3-3 record with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He is slightly slower than Wolford, as his 40-yard dash time of 4.79 seconds is again fast enough to include him in the dual-threat quarterback category.

Okay, so now we’ve come full circle.  So what is Perkins’ 40-yard dash time? A rather impressive 4.55-seconds. He is the fastest player in the quarterback room. So what’s holding him back? Well, he is the least experienced. Both Hodges and Wolford have seen live NFL action, and that is huge in truly assessing a quarterback’s potential in the NFL.

Throughout the condensed can of NFL training camp soup served up in 2020, Perkins never had the chance to take the field.   But the former Virginia Cavaliers quarterback has an insane ability to extend plays, to outrun the fastest blitzes, and he has been learning from offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell.

Perkins was signed to the Rams practice squad for the 2020 NFL season. The NFL’s version of red-shirting as it were, and all that while he watched the field, trained hard, learned the players, the playbook, and the NFL. But most of all, he worked with LA Rams offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell, the same coach who brought out the best from former Washington quarterback Dwayne Haskins.

This is by no means a story intended to contrast and compare the LA Rams quarterbacks. We will do that in the near future. Consider this a Public Service Announcement. If and when Bryce Perkins takes the field for the LA Rams in preseason games, be set to record the event. He may or may not make the roster, but he will flash brilliance in at least one Rams preseason game.

Perkins is the faster version of NFL quarterback on the LA Rams roster. You have to think that the mad offensive scientist Sean McVay will test how to best use speed in his offense, and Perkins will be the Beta test subject.  Meanwhile, as Wolford works with the 1s as Stafford gets up to speed, Perkins is getting reps with the receivers who are most likely to see playing time with him in preseason games.

Finally, there is no video footage of him. Preseason defenses are typically very vanilla, so defensive coordinators do not show their intentions before the season. A fast accurate quarterback like Perkins should have a field day against a predictable defense.

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He has nothing to lose, and everything to gain. In much the same way that Wolford unseated Blake Bortles, Perkins is a faster and more motivated version of backup quarterback. I like his play and his upside potential.  I haven’t decided whether I like his chances to make the roster just yet, but I will soon.