LA Rams: TE coach Wes Phillips has football in his genes

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The LA Rams certainly have a lot riding on the 2021 NFL season. After all, this team is the young rostered NFL team of 2021. That means, in one regard, that the roster is lacking experience. On the other hand, the Rams have a number of game-changing veterans on this roster who would love nothing more than to hoist the Lombardi Trophy at the end of this season.

How can these LA Rams possibly hope to harness this incredibly young roster to success? Well, one answer is to rely upon superior coaching to develop young players more rapidly and to a higher level than the NFL norm. For that, the LA Rams will be counting on the tight-end coach and passing game coordinator, Wes Phillips.

As many coaches who have ties to LA Rams head coach Sean McVay, any subsequent success by the Rams efforts to improve on the offense this season will have the adverse effect of adding Wes Phillips’ name to the shortlist of NFL head coaching prospects in 2022 as unsuccessful NFL teams change coaches in the hope to improve their fortune. And yes, expect the Rams offense to improve this year.

Just as the name suggests, Wes Phillips is the son of Wade Phillips, who is the son of Bum Phillips. That type of legacy, of NFL lineage, is rare indeed. The third-generation of NFL tactics and strategies course through is mind and vocabulary like a family camping trip courses through an outdoorsy family. It’s who he is because it is who he was reared into.

Los Angeles Rams
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Los Angeles Rams

At 42 years of age, he has already coached for 15 years, and he is one of the NFL coaches who has rejoined LA Rams head coach Sean McVay after working with him at the Washington Football Team.

Even as the LA Rams seek to amplify the offense’s means of putting points on the board and gaining yardage in huge chunks, the yolk to making that all fall into place will rest upon the shoulders of coach Phillips.  Not only will the team need optimal output from their tight ends, as inexperienced as they may be, but that same call to pass more often will mean more pass protection. That will mean more blocking from tight ends.

No worries. That’s what Coach Phillips does if the truth be told. He has worked with some of the best tight ends in the NFL by working with Jason Whitten, Vernon Davis, and Jordan Reed.  He helped guide Rams tight end, Tyler Higbee, to his best season ever in 2019. That year set franchise records by tight end receptions at 69 and receiving yards at 734.  The hope is that with Matthew Stafford under center, but records will be shattered.

It’s clear that the Rams will need a huge season from the tight end if this team has any chance of realizing their dream of winning a Super Bowl at Sofi Stadium. With an excellent positional coach like Wes Phillips on watch, the tight ends will hold up their end of the bargain.

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Football is not just a job for Wes Phillips. It’s his life.