LA Rams 2 bananas helmet: “It don’t look football, it don’t look hard”

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Remember when legendary LA Rams running back and Hall of Famer running back Eric Dickerson told AM 570 radio in Los Angeles in May of last year, just after the atrocious logo redesign dropped, that the new helmet design logo made the LA Rams’ horns look “like two bananas” on the side of the helmet? (He also said at the time that it was a better fit for the LA Chargers, but that is a horse of a different color, another matter entirely, something else altogether – even if it is 100% dead-on accurate.)

“And to me, it just looks soft, ” Dickerson said. “It don’t look football. It don’t look hard.”

Indeed. 100 percent. Bull’s eye. Kill shot. Mic drop.

“Two Bananas”

As a self-styled “Rambassador” and an outspoken vocal critic of the 2020 revamped logo and helmet, Dickerson received much more media attention for his (IMO, valid) point that the new logo “looked like a penis.” But now it seems as if his “two bananas” comment about the helmet has been largely forgotten.

Not here. Pepperidge Farm remembers.

And I’d sure like to see the team re-visit that” two-bananas” abomination of a helmet logo and do something about it next season when the NFL is allowing teams to sport new helmets in 2022.

Ya know, like get on the stick about a fix. Give us a do-over. Just make it right. Make it “whole” again.

Los Angeles Rams
Los Angeles Rams /

Los Angeles Rams

Perhaps. . . is it possible that in our giddiness and exuberance to embrace the new white “modern throwback jerseys” (and Eric Dickerson approves of them himself – he’s on board with the new threads), we’ve subconsciously appeased ourselves into accepting that the “two-banana” helmet is here to stay?

But it doesn’t have to be so. We have the technology. We can re-build him. We can make him better. (**insert that springy sound of “Six Million Dollar Man” Steve Austin**)

Perhaps now that the front office has appeased the fan base a bit with its new “modern throwback” design, can we now focus on remedying another abomination of a design – that helmet? Can we turn our attention to doing something about those two disjointed bananas?

Cuz that ain’t no curlicue. It’s two bananas. It is what we think it is!

“The Bears were who we thought they were!”

It’s two bananas.

Let us not ignore the “two-banana” helmet as being worthy of a reclamation.  Surely the team can do something better.  Like maybe bringing back the traditional Rams’ horn curlicue?

Put that on your “punch list” for next season. Or, your Honey-do list.  Just make it so.

Not everything that’s new is necessarily new and improved. The “two-banana” helmet was a giant step backward. Let’s drop back in punt formation and punt the “two-banana” helmet to the trash bin with quickness.

Further, historically speaking, since the Rams were the first team in the NFL to have the foresight to put anything whatsoever painted on their helmets, there’s good reason to re-visit the misstep!

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Ya know, like for posterity’s sake. . . . And there’s no time like the present to get started on that re-design mission.

Buehler? Hello, Buehler?