3 reasons why LA Rams RB Xavier Jones can become red zone rusher

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History makes the hero

There will always be that subgroup of any fanbase that just doesn’t see the possibilities, or who simply doesn’t trust events to play out in a positive way. Those persons have a point, because yes the glass is indeed half empty. And the comments section for this article will inevitably attract someone who believes that if Jones was that great, he would already have won the starting job.  And yet, factual history proves that his path was sealed from the moment he signed with the Rams to wait a season out on the bench.

No OTAs occurred in 2020. NFL teams were limited to the bare-bones minimum for available time. The Rams coaching staff decided quickly to hammer a refresher course into returning veteran starters, simply because there was insufficient time to harbor any roster competitions. No time = no opportunity. Xavier Jones cannot prove to be a scoring threat until the quarterback hands off the ball during a regulation NFL game.

History makes the hero. The study of history, whether in war or peacetime, will point to a person who found the path to navigate a victory or a profound evolution of thought or leadership. But those moments were plucked from history because it was time to do so.  So too, starring in the LA Rams backfield as a scoring threat is not something that happens in a vacuum. Xavier Jones, to contribute to this offense, will need carries. He will need the chance to score in order to score.

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Does he deserve a shot? Well, if not, then that Rams wasted a precious 2020 roster spot on the wrong guy.  And he was named by both Aaron Donald and head coach Sean McVay in 2020 and a player who impressed with his intensity and talent.  Nobody needs to offer Xavier Jones valet parking or hold the door for him to make a positive impression on the offense. He just needs a chance, and with a full training camp and three preseason games, he should be able to get one. Will he find a way to score for the Rams? Well, that’s his thing. He just scores touchdowns.