Ex-LA Rams DL Michael Brockers on Campbell – McVay similarities

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Motor City Michael

And after recently joining Detroit, the team showed its commitment to him (and he showed his commitment to the organization) by giving his John Hancock upon a contract extension/ restructure through the 2022 season. He got in Detroit what they refused to give him in Los Angeles. He got contractual assurances, also known as guaranteed money.

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Los Angeles Rams

Michael Brockers is not alone on the Detroit Lions. Not one bit. The Lions hired former Rams Brad Holmes as their new General Manager. The organization next doubled down by hiring ex-Rams Ray Agnew as their assistant General Manager. And we aren’t stopping there.

The Detroit Lions next hired former cornerbacks coach Aubrey Pleasant to be the team’s secondary coach. He was in the running for the Rams defensive coordinator role for two years running. After getting passed over for the second time in two years, he saw greener pastures in Motor City.

And finally, if you didn’t notice, the Lions landed the former LA Rams starting quarterback Jared Goff.

New page. New chapter. The Detroit Lions have the look and feel of the LA Rams but at a much-further-east time zone. And yes, they have starting defensive lineman Michael Brockers.

They like him in Detroit. They like him a lot. Wield the hammer of Thor

"“I’d say this about Brockers,” Lions head coach Dan Campbell said last Friday, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “He’s probably one of the few in this league that can wield the hammer of Thor. So we’re real excited about that.”"

Wield the hammer of Thor. Sure has a nice “football ring” to it, doesn’t it? Wield the hammer of Thor. Right up there with eating kneecaps.