LA Rams: DB Darious Williams out to prove he’s here to stay

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Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /
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Yin to Ramsey’s Yang

As much as Jalen Ramsey means to the LA Rams secondary, Darious Williams may mean just as much. After all, the way offenses are set up, if Ramsey shuts down one wide receiver, the quarterback can simply toss the ball to the secondary receiver, or the third, fourth, or even fifth option.  If the WR2 lights up the Rams for 200 yards and three touchdowns, the Rams’ defense really didn’t do their job. Ramsey is ineffective if Williams cannot cover his man.

Thankfully, Williams can play defense and does so rather well. That is pretty awesome for such a young player who must clean up everything that doesn’t get picked up by Jalen Ramsey. And as we’d stated earlier, few quarterbacks are foolish enough to test Ramsey’s pass defense. So Williams gets a ton of work.f

You cannot coach this stuff. It’s just not what you can do, because Ramsey is a versatile to the secondary as Aaron Donald is to the defensive line of scrimmage. To get the full potential from the defense, the Rams must ensure that it remains unpredictable. Forcing the quarterback to re-learn what the defensive is throwing at him is a good way to keep an advantage.

Ramsey is so incredibly dangerous, but the Rams learned that by mixing up his coverages, they amplified his effect. If the opposing offense enters a game knowing that they will face Ramsey as the outside left cornerback, the quarterback can doze off during the game and still avoid throwing at Ramsey. So the Rams moved Ramsey around, which sometimes forced Darious Williams to cover the best receiver on the offense. He did so masterfully.