LA Rams: DB Darious Williams out to prove he’s here to stay

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Williams encore

Williams is crucial for the Rams’ defense. It’s just that simple. Not only does he defend the ‘other guy’ on routes, but his play forces the quarterback to hold onto the ball for a split second longer, and that allows Aaron Donald and company to have a meet-and-greet quarterback sack-fest behind the line of scrimmage.

Pass defense, perhaps more than any other football activity, is a synchronized blend of all 11 defenders. If one player is found to be vulnerable, particularly a defensive back, the defensive stance can quickly unravel. Hard-fought games can be lost in one instant if a long pass completion on fourth down is able to move the chains and keep a drive going.  The Rams have certainly had their fair share of third-and-long or fourth-and-long pass completions lead to stunning losses after the game seemed all-but-won.

The Rams are not resting in 2021. They will be putting David Long Jr. through his paces to determine how well the Rams can count on him to cover receivers. The Rams also added Robert Rochell in the draft, who is remarkably athletic and could prove to be a huge chess piece for the defense in games to come.

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Whether or not the LA Rams have an interest in bringing back Darious Williams after this year is not something that they have announced. But reading between the lines? I think the message sent was truly We want you around with their Tender offer, and that message was received loud and clear. Will this be the last year for the young cornerback? Don’t bet on it.