LA Rams: Cowherd asks if QB Matthew Stafford can handle the pressure?

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Whether or not anyone spoke the words simply does not change the obvious fact. From the moment that the LA Rams felt that veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford had a value at least as much as veteran quarterback Jared Goff, a 2021 third-round draft pick, a 2022 first-round draft pick, and a 2023 first-round draft pick, the pressure was on. No NFL team gives up that much value for a guy who will come in and play .500 football, no matter how tough the NFC West Division may appear.

That opens the door for an NFL talking head like Colin Cowherd to weigh in on how much pressure is on the LA Rams veteran quarterback. This is a purely speculative video discussion, and Cowherd is purely spitballing the NFL quarterbacks in his around-the-table monologue.

Stafford’s name comes up at the 5:42 mark.  In response, Colin Cowherd assigned a pressure ranking of four tons of pressure on Stafford, where the scale runs from one (the least) to five (the most):

He makes this assertion about Stafford with the LA Rams:

"“Four (tons). I wouldn’t say five because it’s a great division and if he didn’t win the division I think we’d be like Okay, the Seahawks won it or the 49ers won it, so I will say only four. But the Rams gave up two first-round picks. Win games”"

If you were looking for insider information, or some epiphany of clarity, sorry to disappoint. Cowherd is a provocative sports media personality, and his attraction is the manner in which he weighs into controversial sports topics with strong opinions that garner strong opposition.

Los Angeles Rams
Los Angeles Rams /

Los Angeles Rams

There is not controversy here in this one. Yes, the LA Rams were a 10-6 wildcard team in 2020 that went on to earn a 1-1 record in the NFL Playoffs. That’s the baseline of expectations for the team this year. Of course, the Rams organization believes that he can deliver more, and is working feverishly to install and deploy everything to ensure that is indeed the case this year.

Whatever else you may or may not believe about Stafford, you can count on this. The guy will not wilt under pressure. He remained on the field after a number of injuries that would have sidelined a lesser player. He is fiercely competitive. So competitive, that he shrugs off a separated shoulder to throw a game-winning touchdown pass.

Pressure. Like no time left on the clock and throwing a game-tying touchdown pass with a separated shoulder?   Yeah. That kind of pressure has walked side by side with Stafford his entire NFL career.

The difference in 2021 is that he is not alone. He has some of the best in the NFL playing on his team, helping his offense to score or stopping his opponents from scoring.  Pressure at four tons? Hmm…

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If that is the case, the 2021 NFL season will feel like a vacation to him.