LA Rams’ Aaron Donald has textbook technique for shedding blockers

(Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images)
(Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images) /

The NFL’s reigning Defensive Player of the Year for the last two consecutive years and three times overall- the LA Rams‘ All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald (although Madden 20 calls him a RE, right end) – is an exceptional player by every measure and on many different levels.

I bet his trophy case has to be custom-made just to house all the awards and accolades he’s rightfully and deservedly won, as well.

He’s hands down the most dominant player on the field of every game and the one player every Rams opponents’ defensive coordinators must game-plan for.

He’s just a bona fide wrecking ball, wreaking havoc and pancaking would-be blockers like pins being knocked down in a bowling alley.

His strength, posture, and footwork when he’s matched up against tall, 300-pound offensive linemen are not only some of his most compelling attributes, but let’s not overlook his technique – which is textbook.

And an unheralded skill set for any defensive lineman is the ability to shed blockers and then either tackle the runner or stuff/sack/whack the quarterback. Of course, when you are Aaron Donald, shedding blockers is important because he gets double and triple-teamed on almost every down. And yet he manages to succeed, as shown by this video of How to Shed Blocks like AD

Donald’s technique is so very textbook that if you were of a mindset to make an instructional video on how to shed blockers, you’d use some AD game film to illustrate the nuanced techniques he employs. The approach, the modus operandi of dispensing with blockers the way Donald does it.

And that’s exactly what this little instructional video chose to do, to help aspiring football players or just weekend warriors play like AD. And they pair it with various exercise and workout drills anyone can perform at home, or at their gym to improve their game.

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And the importance of AD’s technique cannot be understated. It’s part and parcel of what makes him a perennial All-Pro and the league’s (and every opposing quarterback’s) most feared defensive player.