LA Rams: There’s something about rookie RB Otis Anderson

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More than meets the eye

He is immensely versatile. A young man who has a background as a wide receiver, running back, kick returner, punt returner, and even as a speedy guy who can cover instantly. Yeah, that isn’t somebody the LA Rams will want to take a hard look at? Think again. Otis Anderson is the type of player who will find a way to contribute, will take any avenue to do so, and will deliver to the best of his ability if given the chance.

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Just for the record, the LA Rams love to give out chances for a player like that.

Now don’t get me wrong. The competition for any role in the LA Rams backfield is ultimately competitive. The Rams backfield will likely carry no more than three running backs, and two spots are claimed by Darrell Henderson and Cam Akers.  One spot remaining for Xavier Jones, Raymond Calais, Jake Funk, and now Otis Anderson.

He is among the smallish players in the NFL, so he’s obviously freakishly fast, right? Well, not exactly. He tested at 4.63 seconds on his 40-yard dash.  While that is not Terrapin slow, it’s not lightning fast either. Henderson put up a 4.49-second 40 time. Akers put up 4.47-seconds. Jones at 4.66-seconds. Jake Funk put up an amazing 4.38-second 40 time. Finally, Raymond Calais rolls in at 4.42-seconds for his 40-yard dash time.

Neither the biggest, the baddest, the fastest, or the most powerful rusher. So why did the Rams sign him up? A huge mistake? A favor owed to some friend of the family? A crutch to aid UCF Jacob Harris’s transition to the pros?