3 reasons why Van Jefferson can lead the LA Rams receivers this year

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I: Nobody will see him coming

There are certain qualities about an NFL player that are indicative as to whether they will do very well, or simply run out the length of their rookie contract into anonymity. Right now, whether you accept it or not, Van Jefferson has caught the eye of head coach Sean McVay. McVay is the Rams’ demi-god of offense. And if he takes a shining to you, good things are about to happen

So you don’t believe it? If Van Jefferson is so good, where was all of this production in 2020? Sometimes things happen that way. The guy was targetted 31 times in his rookie season and caught 19. Incompletions are not always on the WR. Just as a casual reminder, Van Jefferson was able to get open, but the football did not always find its way to him.

That likely won’t be a problem in 2021.

Right now, if you were a defensive coordinator, how would you rank the LA Rams receiving group? You’d likely prioritize either Cooper Kupp or Robert Woods, and assign the other as the second priority to defend.  DeSean Jackson would likely attract the attention of the third-best defensive back plus a safety. So who is left to defend Van Jefferson?  The fourth-best defensive back?  That’s a mismatch and is something that is likely already making McVay’s mouth water.

Defenses do not award respect, it’s something that must be earned. By the time defensive coordinators get the message that Van Jefferson is a dangerous target, he could already have piled up 500+ receiving yards in this offense. Jefferson can run deep. Jefferson can get open. But now, the LA Rams have a quarterback in Matthew Stafford who can see Jefferson getting open and can throw the ball into his outstretched arms.

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Nobody is drafting Van Jefferson early in their Fantasy Football leagues. Defensive coordinators are not pulling their hair out trying to defend Van Jefferson. That is why he can lead the Rams receivers in yardage this year. Nobody will see him coming.