ISO a nickname worthy of LA Rams’ Aaron Donald

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Speakin’ to the Deacon

And yet, I am reminded of how one of the most fearsome and revered players in all of Ram’s history – David Jones – came to be better known as “Deacon” Jones, and it was for none of the above reasons.

I mean, since when is a deacon considered fearsome? Maybe in a “fire and brimstone eternal depths of hell” kinda way? For that matter, there was the “Minister of Defense” Reggie White. Theology gets a lot of press in the NFL it seems.

Nope. As Jones himself told the Los Angeles Times in 1980,

"“Football is a violent world and Deacon has a religious connotation. I thought a name like that would be remembered.”"

So, the greatest pass rushers in football history,  an anchor of the Los Angeles Rams’ famed Fearsome Foursome defensive line alongside three other names etched in the Rams’ Mt. Rushmore pantheon – Merlin Olsen, Lamar Lundy, and Rosey Grier – hung a nickname on himself. Yes, that’s about right.

And while I’m not suggesting AD do the same.  . . perhaps that’s what it takes. If the mountain won’t come to Mohammed, then maybe Mohammed should decide to go to the mountain.

AD just seems, well, kinda lacking. Predictable. Perfunctory. Meh.