LA Rams running back dilemma: The Thomas Brown affair

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A new cast of Who-the-heck-is-that? is about to impress

One of the key characteristics that seem to be a commonality among all of the young men who have a chance to carve their rushing careers from the rock of the NFL is the quality of the players. There are other players in the NFL who may be able to run the ball successfully, but that is not what these Rams are all about.

This is a team of players who are following their coach’s lead. They are passionate young men who are open to both advice and constructive criticism. They are selfless and are willing to do whatever the coach or team asks of them to contribute. But perhaps, most of all, they have unshakable faith in themselves and each other.  Now, that faith and camaraderie will be tested.

LA Rams head coach Sean McVay refuted the first reaction by the team would be to work the free-agent market for a running back at this time via ESPN’s Max Kellerman Show.

"“I don’t know that the veteran route is something that we would rule out, but it’s not something we’re looking to immediately address right now.”-head coach Sean McVay"

That’s not just a statement of confidence in the players, but a true feather in the cap for his running back coach.

Okay. Monumental task. Unshakable faith. The rhetoric is great. But how can the LA Rams pull this itty bitty magic off? Let’s just break this down for a moment. The team is not depleted with talent. In fact, the teams put up over 2000 yards rushing, with 600 yards from Akers and Henderson, 400 yards from Malcolm Brown, and just under 400 yards from wide receivers and quarterbacks. That same committee approach will be just as effective in 2021.