Percolating on the LA Rams’ RB options: “The Usual Suspects”

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Measure twice, cut once

Not that I dismiss that approach or the Rams’ decision to not make any knee-jerk hasty decisions, mind you. It’s probably prudent. . . ‘specially given the available options. Why not choose youth over a cast of running backs on the downside of their careers? Or, creaky knees. Why choose from the second tier remainder rack, reduced-for-quick sale, dented-cans options?

At this point,  they are like aging rock stars playing the dinky State Fair circuit venues instead of giant concert arenas. . . on their “Fresh Outta’ Rehab” tours. Like “tomato-can” tune-up fights for aging boxers (or, like Conor McGregor’s next UFC opponent will probably be)

And can’t say I’m too overly keen about any of “The Usual Suspects” FA RB options. Nobody there really floats my boat particularly strong, so perhaps the Rams decision is a wise one.

But then. . .  there’s this really good kid the Rams took in the seventh-round out of Maryland with a truly great football name – Jake Funk. (And every time I write his name in an article, I hear that uber-catchy ’70s Parliament “Give Up the Funk” song in my head: “Ow, we want the Funk. Give up the Funk. You’ve got a real type of thing going down, getting down.”)

Might be kinda’ kewl to hear fans at So-Fi chanting that from the stands this year clamoring for the kid to either get in the game or when he comes in for a play, eh?).

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And, ya know, one other thing sits like a burr in my saddle. As of this writing – now 48 hours after the news broke about Cam’s injury –  still no word ( and crickets don’t count) outta’ the Rams’ camp about the specific severity of his injury – is it a grade 1, 2, or 3 strain? A complete tear? a micro-tear? A macro-tear? Inquiring minds wanna know, gotta’ know. Cuz you guys gotta know, already. (Show us your cards.)