LA Rams’ RB Cam Akers’ injury: the 411 plus a ‘lil Greek mythology

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Pop goes the tendon

But back to our boy Akers, well, he’s likely out for the season, no matter what the results of the MRI tell us about the severity of the tear. The larger question looming is, of course, will he be the same, can he be the same? For that matter, will the LA Rams?

Here’s a sobering take on that subject regarding NFL players and Achilles tears, with data collected 2010-2015. Granted the data is six years old, but it’s a starting point, a data point. (Might wanna’ sit down before you read it.)

Foot & Ankle Orthoopaedics, 2017

"“Results: 78 Achilles tendon ruptures were identified in professional football players during the 2010-2015 NFL seasons. 58 percent of these injuries occurred during the preseason. Of those that suffered an Achilles tendon rupture, 26 percent did not ever return to play in the NFL. Players who did return to play in the NFL took an average of nine months to recover after the date of injury. Across all positions, there was a net decrease in power ratings by 22 percent and a net decrease in approximate value by 23 percent over three years following player return after Achilles tendon rupture. Across all positions, running backs saw the biggest decrease in production with a 78 percent decrease over three years post-injury in both power ratings and approximate value. Conclusion: While the incidence of Achilles tendon ruptures in NFL players, especially in the preseason, has increased substantially, more players are returning to play after injury and with better post-injury performance as compared to the previous two decades. These injuries should still be considered potentially career-altering as 26 percent of players never return to play after Achilles tendon ruptures and there is still a net decrease in power ratings by 22 percent for those who do return. However, these numbers optimistically suggest that advancements in treatment protocol and rehabilitation are resulting in faster recovery and improved performance after Achilles tendon ruptures in NFL players.” – per Epidemiology and Outcomes of Achilles Tendon Ruptures in the National Football League Selene Parekh, MD, MBA, Jay Shah, MBA"

There actually was a study of Achilles Tendon injuries from NFL players? Go figure.