LA Rams: Host Seahawks K.J. Wright, before it’s too late

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Snooze, ya lose. The Miami Dolphins gave a last-minute effort to kick the tires on Shaquem Griffin before training camp. That is a strategy that gets a lot of advocacy from various websites for the LA Rams roster-building efforts, particularly this off-season.  Unfortunately, the Rams do not exactly poll fans or websites over roster moves, and the requests fade away into the internet ocean, to float into the great database in the sky.

Meanwhile, the Miami Dolphins are not playing around. They know that the Buffalo Bills, if not the resurgence of the New England Patriots, stands between them and the playoffs. So they are investing time and energy to get their defense right this year, and ripe for the tremendous challenge facing them.

Get him in.

As expected, the Dolphins liked what they saw, and Griffin liked what he heard.

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Get him signed.

Get that defense better. Now the Dolphins, with roster moves up to the last possible moment, are taking every step possible to get better.