LA Rams: Host Seahawks K.J. Wright, before it’s too late

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Wright is right for the LA Rams

6-foot-4 246-pound veteran ILB/OLB K.J. Wright is a one-time Pro Bowler who has played consistently good defense, even as the overall unit’s performance has slipped over the years from its heyday. Wright has started 140 games of his 144 game career, and he delivers in every aspect of his role.  Best of all, he is versatile enough to slide in at any of the four Rams linebacker positions. That alone is critical for the team to handle a long season.

Even at 32 years of age, former Seattle Seahawks versatile OLB/ILB K.J. Wright has plenty of gas in his tank. At the same time, he has a lot of water under the bridge. Good water. The rippling type of white water rapids that tosses kayaks and whitewater rafts like ping pong balls.

The LA Rams linebackers, with the exception of veteran Leonard Floyd, and a bit young and raw. While there is nothing wrong with having a nice blend of veteran and youth on the roster, the Rams have swung the pendulum far too far to the youth meter. That can pose quite the problem for a team trying to chase down the NFL Championship,

Young players are inconsistent. They get overly eager and bite on misdirections. They get exposed to formations or strategies that are unfamiliar to them, so they get hesitant. They are still learning the game, the team, their teammates, and their opposition. Instincts cannot take over because it is still a learning curve. That can be the difference between making a game-saving play, and being one step behind. That’s the ugly fact of the NFL. It’s something that the Rams organization tends to ignore when money gets a bit tight.