LA Rams rookie Tutu Atwell playing the weighting game

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The LA Rams‘ most intriguing choice in the 2021 NFL Draft, and perhaps most perplexing, was the selection of 5-foot-9 speedster, wide receiver Tutu Atwell. Normally, we list the height and weight of a player, but that is where problems arise. You see, there has not been a consensus over how much Tutu Atwell actually weighs. Until now.

The two questions that accompany Tutu Atwell in any discussions are: How much does he weigh? Soon followed by: Exactly how fast is he?  So let’s try to sort that all out. As far as his weight? He has been listed at 149 pounds. His 2021 NFL Draft profile lists him at 155 pounds.  Finally, his official LA Rams team roster lists him at 165 pounds.  That’s quite a difference, up to 10 percent of his total body weight difference.

If you want a consensus on his speed, you’re in for just as much fun. His official 40-time that most websites are using is 4.32-seconds, as cited on his Pro Day. Some sites list him at 4.27-seconds for the 40, and others go to 4.39-seconds for his 40-yard time.

Whichever time you go with, we can all agree on one thing. This guy is fast. But that weight is what concerns fans the most. So let’s talk about the weight.

The Rams would like him to get in that range of from 160-165 pounds. But so far, he is at 155 pounds, and he isn’t budging off the mark. So what does that mean?

"“We’re going to do whatever we can to work it out,” he shared with Stu Jackson of with a laugh.  “It’s very tough. I’ve got a fast metabolism, it burns fast. I mean, it is what it is. I’ll try my best. The coaches know that. So we’re just going to do what we’ve got to do.”"

Looks like milkshakes and the weight room for the speedster. Of course, sipping protein shakes and lifting weights are not the only items on his agenda. For Atwell to make an impact on this roster, he will need to learn quickly from the veteran receivers, and then put his own talents on display.

If Atwell truly struggles to put on weight, he could suffer from some form of hyper-metabolism. That elevated state of burning calories is a 24 by 7 phenomenon, and if confirmed, means that Tutu Atwell burns more calories at rest than many do during physical exertion. So how does he put up good weight?

Adding weight is a challenge for some, particularly for a young man in the midst of NFL training camp. The challenge is to add nutrient-rich foods that will not hinder physical performance. Foods like peanut butter, whole-grain bread, nuts, granola could all be added to the diet via snacks. Surprisingly, some follow a regimen of consuming a protein supplement milkshake prior to a workout, which speeds the body’s ability to add muscle mass. Muscle is very dense, so the more muscle tissue the heavier a player weighs.

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To play a full season, rookie WR Tutu Atwell will need to armor up a bit with more muscles. To do that, he will need to bulk up sensibly, and quickly. But not so quickly that he slows down on the football field. Got all that?

Me neither.