LA Rams: Sean McVay presser places Brian Allen back in OC mix

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When  the pads go on

Both Allen and Evans’s track record has shown both to struggle to achieve and maintain proper leverage and push against determined defensive linemen. That will need to be demonstrated before the coaches should talk “he’s our starter” in conversations. While Corbett could play various positions, the Rams must be particularly cautious when assessing the spot that Corbett vacated.

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Of course, the arrival of new offensive line coach Kevin Carberry does create a blank slate with the players. Absent years of history of knowing who they are, how far they’ve come, and whether or not they are ready for a larger role on the offensive line must be proven once more. To do so, he must systematically work from the top down.

Basically, Coach Carberry must draw a circle around five guys who he enters training camp with as ‘starter. Those five offensive linemen can start, and then Carberry can intermingle other players among that group to see how effectively they synch up compared to the baseline starters. Eventually, the Rams should settle in on their best and most cohesive front-five linemen.

Ideally, I remain of the opinion that the LA Rams’ best offensive line configuration right now consists of Andrew Whitworth, David Edwards, Coleman Shelton, Austin Corbett, and Rob Haventstein.  Alternatively, the team could field Andrew Whitworth, Joseph Noteboom, Austin Corbett, David Edwards, and Rob Haventstein. We’ll know more during preseason games.