LA Rams: 3 positive takeaways from training camp arrivals

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(Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

By plane, train, bus, and car, LA Rams players arrived for training camp on Tuesday, July 27, 2021. It was a day of pomp, ceremony, and PR pageantry. The clash of all the hope and optimism for a great and successful season meeting the fears and anxieties for a forgettable season head-on.  The booming impact of what fans hope for versus what fans fear.

It was a pleasant scene. The casual arrival and meeting up of teammates, friends, and some would even describe it all as a family reunion. Well, family reunion meets the red carpet.  This is LA after all. These are the LA Rams. They are back. Now, football is returning to our lives once more.

18 months ago, this moment felt like it may not arrive for the foreseeable future. The coronavirus arrived and was spreading. Without a way to fight it medically, we tried to stop its transmission. You know that drill by heart, don’t you? Maintain a safe distance. Wear a mask. Quarantine at home unless necessary. It changed our lives temporarily for some, permanently for others.  Yet, here we are. Players are arriving. NFL Football is back. And the LA Rams are about to set out finishing some unmet goals from 2020.

The team has a lot of new faces this year. Whether by the ebb and flow of the NFL Free Agent market, or post-season trades, the team made some changes. Those changes will play a large part for the team this season. Of course, this is the opening chapter to the novel that will become the LA Rams 2021 season.

How you perceive the team’s chances for this season depends entirely upon your perspective. If you foster concerns over who the team had lost from last year, this season may be concerning. IF you foster optimism over who the team had added this year, the season may hold a lot of promise for you.  So how can we help to feed the optimistic side of the street for you? Well, how about these three positive takeaways from the LA Rams arrivals to training camp?

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