LA Rams: 3 positive takeaways from training camp arrivals

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Best shape of his NFL career

To kick things off, NFL veteran defensive lineman A’Shawn Robinson is in the best shape of his NFL career. Now, that may not mean much to you right here, right now, but keep an open mind. He was the Rams’ choice to replace outbound veteran defensive lineman Michael Brockers a year ago when Brockers seemed to be signed for the Baltimore Ravens. Robinson hit the NFI/IR list, Brockers returned to the Rams, and everything got pushed back a year.

Per Stu Jackson of, Robinson arrived at training camp today at 308 pounds. That is a huge improvement over the 330-pound playing weight he had packed on for the Detroit Lions. That was their ask of Robinson because he was a blocker gobbler for the Lions defense, and bigger bodies are simply tougher to move. The Rams, on the other hand, want Robinson to be adept at moving around on the defensive front.

At 308 pounds, he certainly should be.

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The guy has already proven his stuff with the few 2020 appearances on the defensive front when he stood his ground, tossed blockers said, and made tackles on the guy with the football. It stood out because it wasn’t tackling from the side, a good angle, dragging a ball carrier down to the ground. What A’Shawn Robinson did was manhandle the running back like a Venus Fly Trap snaps down on a fly.

Now, he is feeling stronger, more agile, better burst, a specimen fit for NFL football, and worthy of lining up alongside All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald. Of course, the question is whether or not Robinson can run with the starters for a 17 game season. I don’t think that will pose much of a problem, as he was a staple of the Detroit Lions defense, and is in much better shape.

You can’t fake power. A’Shawn Robinson is a very powerful force on the defense, and what he brings to the defensive front is a remarkable combination of brute force as well as the ability to stop the run, and even get to the quarterback. The guy has serious potential to put up the best season of his career in 2021. I think he’s already showing that is his goal.