LA Rams: True Grit – WR Trishton Jackson reclaiming roster spot

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Fits the LA Rams mold

The LA Rams 2020 NFL Draft was all about preparing the team for the 2021 NFL Free Agency market, and Trishton Jackson is very similar in speed and routes to that of former wide receiver Josh Reynolds. Now if you recall, Reynolds was hoped to eventually slide into the offensive spot vacated by wide receiver Brandin Cooks. That never truly happened.

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So the Rams retained Trishton Jackson in 2020 to mold into a replacement for Reynolds in 2021. Ignoring all the other roster moves, Jackson seems to have taken all of that opportunity to heart, and is clearly busting his butt to deliver for the LA Rams this year.  Seriously. High energy workouts can cause fatigue just by watching him work.

There is something reassuring about a young man who steps up to the challenge of steeper odds. He isn’t wilting. He isn’t shrinking. He isn’t skulking away. More competition? He simply is becoming more competitive. Isn’t that the sign of championship mentality? Girding the loins, putting on a game face, and going out and performing at the best of one’s ability?

Trishton Jackson may not be among the names bouncing around in daily discussions about the LA Rams, but I don’t know that he would want that yet. Trishton Jackson is old school. He doesn’t want anyone to give him respect, he wants to earn it.

Hey, from what I’m seeing already, this guy is well on his way. Yes, there are plenty of receivers on the LA Rams roster. But Jackson’s moment will come in this training camp. When it does, I believe he will seize that opportunity.